Agence Immo Services

Entrust us with the management of your property

Agence Immo Services, located in the heart of the Espace Diamant, was created in 2001 with 2 main objectives:

  • Transparent management,
  • A verification of the accommodation after each period of occupancy.

These objectives guide our approach, and have allowed us to become, in a few years, one of the most important hosts of the resort.

Our capacity to listen, our availability and our professionalism are recognized by the owners with whom we work in a climate of trust.

Rental of an accommodation

Before taking a new accommodation to rent, we make a visit of it. It allows us to check its comfort, its equipments and its quality. Further to this visit, we define the rate of the rental.

A rental's mandate is then signed between the owner and the agency. Therefore, the agency is responsible for the rental management of the accommodation :

  • searching of tenants,
  • writing of the rental agreements,
  • monitoring of the tenants,
  • rental accounting
  • accommodations's check anc cleaning between every occupation period
  • regular maintenance of the accommodations
  • laundry bleach
A transparent management method

Before every season, a planning is sent to the owner with the rate of the rental suggested. As soon as we receive his written agreement , the bookings can start. Without this agreement, the accommodation can no be rented.

If after that the owner wants to add another period, it should be possible, under the condition that the accommodation is free and not booked.

The owner can consult his accomodation's planning via his owner space on our website. No modification can be done. To cancel or add an owner's reservation period, please contact the agency by email or by phone.

The rent settlement is made twice a winter (in the end of january and in the end of april) and once a summer (in the end of september). An account summary is sent at the same time, with the details of the amount received and of the expenses ( current management fees, potential additional services).

Verification of the accommodations

After each period of occupancy, the agency is responsible for checking the general condition of the apartment in terms of cleanliness and its equipment.

If, after an owner stay, cleaning is required, this will be done by the agency and billed at the current rate.

If necessary, the agency takes care of minor routine maintenance (in particular the replacement of bulbs, neon lights, fuses).

The mattress protectors are supplied and maintained by the agency. Duvets / blankets / pillows ... are provided by the owner and maintained by the agency.

For the good performance of the accommodation, the agency asks the owner to regularly check his inventory and its general condition and to report to the agency any problems noted upon his arrival. Tenants are very sensitive to the proper monitoring and maintenance (improvements, renewal of equipment) of the homes they occupy.

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