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19 September 2020


Investing in the French mountains is more than ever a safe bet. The enthusiasm for our mountains is still evident with nearly 10 million visitors on our slopes each year. But how to invest well in the mountains? And how to manage the climate in its cities?

Is investing in the mountains profitable?

With nearly 10 million annual visitors, French resorts remain a safe bet for investors. The offer is clearly present in this sector. The investment will allow you to realize interesting capital gains.

There is real dynamism in this sector. Real estate professionals, developers and builders, continue to build and offer real estate. This makes it possible to maintain prices at correct levels. Expect a price that will vary between 3,000 euros to 8,000 euros per m² depending on the location of the property. In terms of profitability: a rate of up to 3%.

What are the good plans for investing in the mountains?

Several options are possible to get a good deal when investing in the mountains. First, invest in a real estate program and buy a home off plan. You will have the opportunity to benefit from the Censi-bouvard tax system which has been renewed by the 2020 finance law. You will thus benefit from an 11% immediate discount on your real estate investment.

Or choose a LMNP status, Non-Professional Furnished Rental, which will allow you to amortize your purchase. You will be able to benefit from a 20% reduction because you will buy tax free. However, you will need to sign a minimum 9-year lease with an operator who will take care of the rental of your property. But be careful, you have to look at it on the long term.

Will the climate become a threat?

Global warming is an acceptable risk according to mountain professionals. Today we know the technical advances that allow us to maintain artificial snow cover. It allows you to always ski in France despite the vagaries of the weather. In addition, we also know the growing craze for summer activities in the mountains which gives an interesting rental perspective over a longer period, a perspective which was more than confirmed this summer in this after confinement period.

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